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Invitation: New York K-Startup Pitch Competition

by KITA New York 09 Aug 2023

The K-Startup New York Alliance* will be holding a Startup Pitch Competition on December 8th, 2021 (2~6 PM) at Startup Branch New York, 460 Park Avenue (15th floor), New York.

This competition aims to promote entrepreneurship of Korean-American developers, scientists, engineers, professionals, and students in the New York Metropolitan area and encourage them to pursue building a promising startup. Of the many that applied, nine (9) selected entrepreneurs will go head-to-head to compete to win a few awards including the first-place prize of $3,000 plus assistance, upon request, from the New York K-Startup Alliance in various areas including business planning, fundraising, legal, accounting and financial, marketing & channel introductions, and technologies.

This is an invitation-only event. If you are interested in attending the event to hear K-startup pitches and network with other attendees, please fill out a short form at by December 6, 2021 (11:59 PM in ET).

Any question? Fine details at or contact us at

Program Schedule

– Congratulatory Remarks
– Keynote Speech By Tim Hwang, Founder & CEO of FiscalNote

Startup Pitches


Fundraising (VC) Workshop
– POSCO America (Investment) By Hyun Soo Kwon, General Manager
– SK USA (investment) By ByeongChan Bai, President
– Strong Ventures By John Nahm, Managing Partner

– Awards Ceremony
– Photo time for the winners
– Closing Remarks

w/ finger food and light drinks

Event Closes

Notice: The Competition Committee requires all attendees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect the health and safety of attendees. Or you may request a waiver for the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for medical or religious reasons in advance. In this case, you should submit a negative PCR result 48 hours before arrival to

* The K-Startup New York Alliance was formed in July 2021 with the following organizations – Consulate General of Korea in New York, KITA New York, KOTRA USA, KITEE, KOCHAM, CUNY, and KSE.

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