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Startup Excelsior Membership

The K-StartupXL is a system that supports both Korean and Korean-American Startups by encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration, accelerating innovation, and cultivating the next generation of startup leaders. This membership provides seminars, competitions, industry-specific events, resources, meetups, networking forums and workspace.

This network of support has created a culture of innovation and success around the state, thanks to ground-level services that make a dramatic difference in a start-up company’s next steps.

This membership will act as your network, allowing for easy introductions and ongoing conversations. Members will be invited to the most relevant events related to NYC’s industry verticals, which will range from intimate breakfasts to global conferences.

We’ll assist you in overcoming the steep learning curve by sharing thought leadership, deep expertise, and highly relevant content – such as education materials, essential guides, and virtual and offline seminars.

Our network is our strength and our partnerships give us broad reach with focused knowledge to bring you a universe of options at your fingertips.

We offer Working Space, Guidance, Opportunities to make a network and connections to help you succeed and grow in New York City and the global market. Sign up for our system, participate in one of our programs, or attend an event. Get connected to the people, expertise, workspaces, and information that helps you reach your goals.

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Excelsior Membership

Through our membership system, we provide access to our well-equipped office lounge “Startups Branch” in the heart of Manhattan, New York, for use as workspaces, networking, and meetup site.

Need help getting that idea to look more like a product and getting customers to buy into your vision? go-to-market strategies and answering questions about how to start and grow a successful venture

Our advisory workshops and seminars, led by industry experts, investors and influencers, provide insight into a wide range of topics related to entering global market. You can also join us at one of our open events to connect with the local ecosystem, discover new opportunities, or gain insight.

Lacking the connections needed to grow your startup?

Join our K-StartupXL community. Our Online forums and directory systems allow you networking with other young professional. Through our online and offline communities, you can collaborate on projects and innovate with other experts.