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New York

Startup Branch is a co-working space in central Manhattan, New York, run by KITA New York Center


Office Space

If you are a Korean Startup preparing to enter U.S. Market or a Korean-American Startup in the New York Area, please use Startup Branch NY as a reliable support space, which has shared offices, meeting spaces, and rest areas through Membership.

Startup Branch

Office Space & Meeting Room
Lounge Sofa & Table
Irish Table with 8 Seats

K Startup Branch NY


In 1778 the state of New York adopted a coat of arms incorporating the motto “Excelsior,” Latin for “Higher.” and It became so popular that, in its wake, the word was adopted as a brand name by numerous businesses.

As the name implies, the K-StartupXL membership assists members in pursuing the opportunities and enhancements that New York, the world’s most advanced and bustling city, has to offer.

We will assist our member companies in making the transition from being the best start-ups in the world by providing a variety of benefits and opportunities.

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Membership Benefits


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Our Networks

K Startup NY has signed a memorandum of understanding with related Organizations in the United States in order to systematically support Korean startups and create an ecosystem.

The K-startup hub will continue to cultivate relationships with the hub’s various organizations, incubators, and businesses in order to support and expand the activities of Korean startups in and outside of the United States.

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